"Perfect for making a one-touch “call home” button"
- The Well Appointed Desk

"Fortunately, one developer was tricky enough to figure out how to make this common feature request a reality" - AppStrom.net

Whats is Pumba?

Pumba is this amazing new way of calling people. We have figured our a way to add contacts to your iPhone home screen like an application. You can then tap on a contact icon to give your friend a call.

Why is it so awesome?

This new piece of technology allows you to have beautiful looking thumbnails on your iPhone home screen. You don't have to reduce you near and dear ones to a name on a list. They can have a special place on you iPhone home screen. Calling them now is just a tap away.

Platforms supported?

iPhone by Apple

Why call it Pumba?

The project during the stealth development mode was called Pumba and every body really liked it so it stuck. You can also check out our learning around naming a product.

Who are you?

Shubham Goel is a hard core products guy. He has a B.Tech and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur, India. For his thesis he worked with General Motors on optimizing the steering system. He has worked on India’s first Nano satellite JUGNU and also helped develop a gadget for the Indian railways. He currently works on making travel in India a more comfortable experience. He believes in multiplicity of work areas and the strength of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

He pretends to be a master photographer and skater by carrying around the respective equipments.

Why do you make apps?

I just felt inspired by all the amazing things that were happening in this space and wanted to be a part of it. Nothing less, nothing more.

Can a blogger get a screen shot and logo?

You can download the media kit from: http://whatanapp.com/pumba/Pumba_Media_Kit.zip

Video Demo?

Check out the video demo at: http://vimeo.com/23574182

I love/hate Pumba, How do I give feedback?

Write to me at hello@whatanapp.com or if you are visiting New Delhi or Lucknow we can meet over coffee. I'll pay.


For support write to hello@whatanapp.com


Divyam for talking about it

Dada for the late night snacks

Praneeth in the hope that he might help with the infra some day

Malik for the idea

Lut4rp for the spell check and feedback

other wierdos at IN


Jan 6,2011 Version1 reached Gold Master

Mar15,2011 Available on the app store

Mar19,2011 Review by Winandmac.com

Mar26,2011 Review by iPhoneHelp.in

Mar26,2011 Review by iPhone Life

Mar26,2011 Review by The Well Appointed Desk

Apr23,2011 Review by AppStrom.net

Apr23,2011 Featured on iOSinspires.me

Apr30,2011 Pumba updated to vr 1.0.1